George Washington Didn’t Fap: How internet porn is stealing your time and keeping you from greatness

Do you watch internet porn? Stop. Right now. It’s keeping you from greatness.

Slowly take your left hand off your dick. Close those 13 open browser tabs, yes, that baker’s dozen of youporn, redtube, and

You’re wasting your life and frying your brain, really.

This isn’t some moralistic pseudo-Christian stand against porn or masturbation. It’s about kicking a habit that sucks your time and gives you nothing but a few seconds of pleasure followed by a mess to clean up.

Take a moment and think about what you’re actually doing when you engage in looking at and masturbating to internet pornography.  You’re sitting there with your pants down looking at tens or hundreds of people you don’t know, all having sex with each other. And you’re jerking off to it, probably in the dark. Think that’s healthy? Nope. Imagine for a second that those strangers fucking each other on the screen are instead right there in your living room; and there you are in the background watching and beating off. Twisted, right? No shit.

Here’s a list of all the things you’re not doing every time you decide to kill an hour with pornhub and a bottle of lube:

  • You’re not making money or developing your business;
  • You’re not cultivating friendships;
  • You’re not working out or gaining strength;
  • You’re not gaining knowledge;
  • You’re not working toward your goals or pursuing your dreams;
  • You’re not pursuing hobbies and passions that will provide you lasting satisfaction.

And here’s the real kicker: you’re not having real sex or even getting closer to that possibility. Not with your spouse, your girlfriend, or that cute girl you’ve been eyeing. Nope, you’re not having sex because you’re spending your time fapping to a bunch of porn stars on the Interwebs.

Imagine for a moment a great man from history, let’s say George Washington. Now imagine George Washington masturbating to internet porn. Imagine ‘ole George, hero of the American Revolution, father of our country, pulling up a chair and a box of Kleenex for an hour session of Imagine President Washington, the man who had two horses shot out from under him in battle, furiously pulling his pud while frantically clicking one video after the next, fifteen browser tabs open, pants-around-his-ankles, and one eye on the door in case Martha came home early.

If you can even imagine that scene, it’s absolutely absurd. Because it would never ever happen. It feels disrespectful just to think about it. On the other hand, imagine the biggest loser in your life doing this. It’s pretty easy, because it’s probably something he does. Loser is as loser does. And what a loser does is piss away his life and his time with escapist garbage like internet porn, video games and reality TV.

Don’t believe me yet? Smarter men than myself have delved into the damage internet porn use inflicts on the male mind. A famous TED Talk by Gary Wilson is downright chilling. In it, he shows how internet porn use physically changes our brains, rewiring our neural circuits, leading to things like, social anxiety, depression, performance anxiety and even OCD. Men in their 20’s are coming in with porn-induced erectile dysfunction. And the cruel irony here is that drugs like Viagra don’t work when the problem is caused by the brain’s neutral circuitry. In Japan, the most internet and porn-addicted country in the world, there’s even a whole cohort of men emerging called “herbivores”. These are men with no career ambition, poor social skills and little interest in sex or romantic relationships. The only difference between America and Japan on this front seems to be that the Japanese have a word for it, while we’re busy making excuses.

If you want to own your time and engineer the bullshit out of your life, start with internet porn.  You’ll get several hours a week back, you’ll have more ambition and you’ll feel more alive. George Washington didn’t fap to internet porn and neither should you.