What I Believe

I believe that in today’s world our time is stolen from us.

It’s stolen by our jobs, by mindless social obligations, and even by our families.

I believe that most of us feel our lives passing us by without our permission; our dreams, our passions, our  ambitions left to rot because we get home at the end of the day too tired to do anything but sit on the couch like a fat slob watching TV wondering where the hell our day went.

I believe that we have ourselves to blame, and I believe that we hold the solution.

This blog is about taking back your time so that you can live the life you want, one spent doing the things that matter to you, not your boss, not your whiny kids and not anyone else.

It’s about placing a hard value on your time and designing your life to respect that value.

It’s about minimizing, optimizing and automating all that crap you have to do.

It’s about cutting out all those things that don’t matter and vigorously embracing all those things that do.


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