Audio Books – Fill Dead Time with True Multitasking

Countless studies over the past few years have told us what we already know, that multitasking is utter bullshit.

This is really too bad. Multitasking is one of those things that we so wanted to believe in because it’s too good to be true. The idea of being able to do everything by doing everything at once is intoxicating.

However, there are those few moments in life when we discover a true opportunity to multitask. Ussually these are opporutnities to fill dead time. And this is key – there’s a lot more dead time in your life than you realize, which means there’s an opportunity to do a lot of the things we want to do, but think we don’t have time for.

The biggest source of “dead time” for most of us is driving. The typical American spends over an hour a day in his car. Or put differently, over 5% of your waking hours are spent driving around. This is a valueless activity. We only drive because we need to get somewhere else, driving is a necessary evil. It is also a huge opportunity.

Audiobooks, either through or your local library can fill in that dead time. You can “read” an hour a day, with absolutely zero extra effort and no additional time. The only thing you might give up is the garbage that passes for music on the radio, or news, which is a complete waste of time anyway. Give me one example of how listening to the news has allowed you to make a better decision in the past 30 days than you would have had you not be so well “informed”. I digress.

Listening to audiobooks allows you to learn about an endless amount of topics. In the two years I’ve been listening to audiobooks, I’ve learned about home finance and economics, neuroscience, ancient Rome, business and had the opportunity to read literary giants like Graham Greene. If you’re not listening to audiobooks in your car, you’re living with dead time on your hands. Start reading an hour a day instead.


One Comment on “Audio Books – Fill Dead Time with True Multitasking”

  1. Jen says:

    Also Librivox! Free classics (literature, history, poetry, plays) that you can load onto your phone or as pocasts on iTunes. It’s all done by volunteers but there are some amazing readers.

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